ITS A MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!


What is this, Angel?

Amelia Breece is Whoopsie the Clown, a clumsy sideshow assistant.

But what burned the heart was more than fucking up as a clown: music.

What the clown needed was bandmates, but none could share the vision.

​Chaotic to break controls or habits, ​​Heavy as if there could be no other type.

​Symphonic because it was in the heart and could sound through even a single guitar.

​Thusly became Lypsis the Angel: "the real baby metal" - and changing,

Lypsis began before Whoopsie had barely any equipment; even an electric guitar. ​​

Without gear, mates, or a crowd for the new subgenre...

​The sound was made in hopes to be re-recorded as a war metal band​.​

​Until then it would be regarded as punk rock because it is out of my control.


Lypsis The Angel stars in a possession that perhaps turns true tutelage

As well as introducing her music career with "Demon Record" to be published again

on the demo album "Someone Shoot Her"

Set aside the next few minutes, shut the blinds and

                                                 Enjoy the show!


​​​​​​​Whoopsie the Clown is Lypsis the Angel

Witness a dark clown attempting "humorror" with her scaly and copyrighted friend 'Zilla, backed by a more natural fury in this both stand-up comedy and "baby metal" act! 

Lypsis The Angel