• Cry Me A River4:16
  • September Sun9:46
  • we will be free7:02

"The Birds"



"I'd take a bow but here I have no arms or legs."

"​Causin' Problems"


"Cocke Hall"


"In Toxin and Rubble"

"For Wine"

"Filthy and Dirty"

"Euclid Ave 2"

"Euclid Ave"

"The Spoils of an Amateur Duo"

"Crisis Toggle"

"Talking To God"

Art by Amelia Breece

"Maul Functia"

"Go By Steel"

"enough to burn"

"Strawberries, Funnel Cake, and Pumpkin Seeds"

in t-t-toxin and in bloody rubble
i find only that
i do not crumble.
for all the toxin
i s-sought another...
and for that, alone
it was worth the trouble.